Welcome to Athens, the historical capital of Europe. Welcome to the birthplace of democracy, arts, science and philosophy of western civilisation.  Home of Plato, Socrates, Pericles, Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus.  Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities. It’s recorded history spanning around 3.400 years and it is being inhabited since the 11th millennium B.C. E.  Today, under the shadow of Parthenon, the contemporary urban scenery of the sprawling city reflects its exciting history, its multi- cultural modern personality as well as the infrastructure and facilities.

The perfect Mediterranean climate with the legendary greek sunlight, the unique combination of glorious history with modern, urban innovation, the coexistence of great culture with astonishing natural beauty, the high standard hotel accommodation, modern means of transportation such as the cutting edge modern metro, the vibrant rhythm of life, the wide choice of opportunities for shopping, dining and night life and of course the warmth of the Athenians people feature Athens as the ideal all year round city break destination. The city of Parthenon is an open air museum. A large part of the town’s historic center has been converted into a 3 km pedestrian zone, one of the largest in Europe. It leads to the major archaeological sites (“archaeological park”), reconstructing – to a large degree – the ancient landscape. Either on foot or by bike, the ‘’Grande Promenade’’ around Acropolis is an unforgettable journey through history.

Visiting Athens is like taking a step back in time, a wonderful history lesson that is great for all ages. Whether you have one, two, or more days in this city, here are the best things to do in Athens!

  1. Acropolis, this 2.500-year-old rocky outcrop perched in Athens’ modern metropolis is the sight you’ve only dreamed about. The Acropolis finds itself at the very top of our list because if you do one thing in Athens, it has to be this.
  2. Acropolis New Museum, an archeological museum that houses the artifacts found on the Acropolis and the surrounding slopes.
  3. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, located in Syntagma Square near the Hellenic Parliament Building, this is a war memorial that is dedicated to the Greek soldiers who died in war. The tomb is guarded by an Evzone soldier dressed in traditional uniform.
  4. Panathenaic Stadium, a historic stadium where a lot of big events have occurred. It is also the site of the finish line for the Athens Classic Marathon.
  5. Ancient Agora & Temple of Hephaestus, an archaeological site located near the Acropolis. For 5,000 years, this area was used as a marketplace, gathering place, and residential area. The ground of this large site is littered with the ruins of buildings and walkways. However, there are two important places to visit (the Temple of Hephaestus and the Stoa of Attalos).
  6. The Roman Agora, just a short distance away from the Ancient Agora. This market and collection of buildings was built in the first century BC during the rule of Julius and Augustus Caesar. The main entrance is through the Gate of Athena. The Tower of the Winds is considered to be the world’s first meteorological center, featuring a sundial, water clock, and wind vane.
  7. Hadrian's Library, an impressive monument in ancient Athens, constructed in 132 AD under the rule of Roman Emperor Hadrian. It was built to house rolls of papyrus books.
  8. Temple of Olympian Zeus, built to honor Zeus and planned to be the greatest temple in the ancient world. When finished, it was one of the largest ever of the ancient temples, with 104 unusually tall columns, each 17.25 meters tall.
  9. Temple of Poseidon, this temple at Sounion, which is dedicated to the mighty Poseidon, should be one of the first temples on your checklist.
  10. The National Gardens, tucked away in the heart of Athens, the National Gardens offer a beautiful retreat from the bustle of the concrete capital
  11. Kerameikos, an area of Athens that served as potter’s quarters and an ancient cemetery. A visit here is quick and you can walk among the excavations.
  12. National Archaeological Museum, the largest archeological museum in Greece that houses one of the greatest collections of artifacts of Greek antiquity.
  13. Benaki Museum, it houses Greek works of art from prehistory to modern time, as well as an extensive collection of Asian art
  14. Plaka Neighbourhood, stretching out under the shadow of the Acropolis, Plaka is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited neighbourhoods.
  15. Monastiraki Square, one of the oldest and busiest areas of the capital, packed with rooftop bars, ancient sights and huge markets. 
  16. Areopagus Hill, also known as Mars Hill, is a spot to get one of the most iconic views of the Acropolis.
  17. Philopappos Hill, a hilly park laced with walking trails. The most popular viewpoint is located at the Monument of Philopappos, but you can also follow the other trails for a slightly different perspective of the Acropolis.
  18. Mount Lucabettus, for a sprawling view of Athens and the Acropolis, walk or take the Lycabettus Cable Car to the peak of Mount Lycabettus. From here, you get to see just how big this city is, with the Acropolis proudly rising up in the center from the low, white buildings
  19. Psyrri, a funky, trendy little neighborhood not far from Monastiraki, filled with great restaurants, unique bars, a vibrant nightlife, and small boutique shops. A very cool spot to go out for dinner and drinks.
  20. Varvakeios Central Market, another great spot to take a break from museums and ancient historical sites. There are different sections to the market and you can end up wandering down a long hallway filled with meat vendors and their products.
  21. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, an oasis of Mediterranean greenery, plus opera, books and an architecturally-acclaimed main buliding.
  22. The National Museum of Contemporary Art, the EMST is Athens’s answer to the Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou or the Museum of Modern Art.
  23. Museum of Cycladic Art, A lavish museum home to more than 3,000 artefacts of Cycladic, Ancient Greek and Cypriot origin.
  24. Cine Paris, Athenians know it’s summer in the city when the outdoor cinemas begin to open up. The legendary Cine Paris, which has been going since the ’20s, is best known for its striking Acropolis views.