Sustainability / Sustainability Policy

Our Mission

As a travel company, the planet is our product. Its social and environmental welfare is fundamentally important to us – not just as a business, but as human beings, too. When we say “We Love Changing People’s Lives,” we’re not just talking about our travelers. We’re talking about everybody.

Travel ID is a social enterprise, which means the social value of what we do is just as important to us as the profit it earns.

Our Vision

Our belief is that travelling transforms people through the experiences it creates in its particular context, therefore, Travel ID is dedicated to offer exclusive, highly personalized travel experiences endowed with the special sustainable meaning that are planned for. Through our example we aim to inspire others to join us in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Sustainability Management & Legal Compliance

Our organization is dedicated to complying with all legal requirements and preventing anyincidents or conditions that may lead to a violation of the law.

To ensure compliance, wemonitor our operations and those of our suppliers for any potential violations and takeappropriate action, including termination of employment or contracts.

We have implemented a monthly meeting with all staff, as to receive personal feedback in any issues with any stakeholders.

A small monthly report is prepared from the responsible supervisor of the action and an annual report with our actions and engagements.

The Company has assigneda dedicated sustainability coordinator, who is responsible forover watching employee tasks and devising action plans to ensure that the company is sustainably updated.

His Tasks are:

– He oversees the development and is coordinating the implementation of our Company’s sustainability roadmap.

– He acts as the bridge between all departments to implement sustainability principles and foster actions among managers and supervisors, as well as towards suppliers and clients.

– To elaborate reports and action plans, track, and report relevant data, and maintain a database of knowledge.

– He is responsible for managing and updating our sustainability certification scheme (Travelife)

– He assists all departments of the Company, and with the help of the Sales Manager is designing responsible tourism offers and services. He is involving suppliers and clients in moving towards more sustainability!

 – He together with the Sales Manager and Reservations Supervisor optimize the positive impacts of our operations on local communities, local suppliers, our culture monuments, and the environment both within the offices and along tours.

– Disseminate best practices to reduce our use of natural resources (paper, water, energy, procurement) and ultimately our carbon footprint

– He is coordinating and/or delivering internal and external (suppliers) training and organizes brainstorming sessions with colleagues to identify possible sustainability measures.

– He is assisting in the identification and management of community-based tourism projects and other local initiatives to conserve nature by being part of the International Boy Scout Organization & Lions Club International.

Social Policy and Human Rights

Our Company places a strong emphasis on its employees, recognizing them as its biggest asset in delivering meaningful travel experiences to its customers. The company focuses on legal compliance, ensuring a safe, healthy, welcoming work environment and contract conditions according to laws and regulations.

Training opportunities are offered for all aspects of our services as also for sustainability issues. The company is committed to offer equal opportunities for all employees, promoting fair and equal pay, regardless of gender/sex, race, national origin, marital status, age, or religion.

Environment and Community Relations

Our company is committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability. To achieve this, we have implemented a variety of energy measures that help us conserve energy and water and reduce our carbon footprint. These measures include using Energy Star equipment, moderation in heating and cooling, efficient lightening in office spaces. Led Panels are implemented in all office spaces.

We also encourage our employees to conserve energy by turning off lights and unplugging electronics when not in use, actions monitored by the assigned sustainability coordinator.

By taking these steps, we are working to reduce our energy consumption and

contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Our company is committed to recycling and has implemented a comprehensive program for paper, plastic, glass, and metal.

We prioritize sustainability by sourcing paper products with high levels of post-consumer recycled content and by using non-toxic cleaning supplies as well as organic and sustainable kitchen supplies.

Seeking out office supplies made from sustainable materials with minimal environmental impact.

In-office printing paper holds strong environmental certificates, and a clear

printing guide is set to prevent unnecessary office printing.

We optimize printing practices to minimize paper waste and reduce energy consumption.

Supplier Commitments and Expectations

Our company favors products and services, limiting/avoiding negative impacts on society, culture, and nature.

We expect our suppliers to share our values and commitment to sustainability, with a clear sustainability policy in place.

Contract clauses are communicated and signed with each supplier.

We prefer working with locally owned and managed companies, who use local and seasonal products and services, benefitting the local community through fair employment conditions.

We encourage our partners to comply with internationally recognized certifications.

Travel ID raises awareness among our stakeholders via suitable communication channels as(email, team meetings, Travelife access) and actively collaborates to improve their sustainability performance.

Inbound Partner Agencies

Travel ID

– Prefers partners that have a written sustainability policy and comply with international sustainability schemes.

– Includes important sustainability clauses in contracts with partners and suppliers, suchas those related to sexual exploitation, child labor, anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, bribery, waste management, and biodiversity protection.

– Enables partner agencies to have sustainability training via the Travelife platform.

– Requires compliance with local, national, and international legislation and regulation, including living wage laws.

– Recommends partners to adopt sound environmental practices and minimize thecarbon footprint.

– Regularly evaluates sustainability claims to ensure alignment with company policies.

Bus & Transportation Suppliers

  • Sustainable (public or other) transport is preferably included or offered to the point of departure for the international/long-distance journey.
  • Transport options for transfers and excursions in destinations include sustainable alternatives and these alternatives are given preference based on internal sustainability evaluation tools.
  • Boat/cruise operators are urged to follow sustainability best practices in their operations.      
  • Buses/coaches meet all quality and safety requirements.
  • Appropriate transport vehicle sizes are chosen based on group number and transport type.
  • Optimizes transport routes to minimize unnecessary fuel use. Efficient transport routes also minimize congestion.
  • Encourages clients to opt for longer stays, particularly for long-haul travel.
  • Promotes destination-based activities to reduce the need for additional transportation.
  • Prioritizes sustainable practices by offering public transportation as the first leg of international or long-distance journeys to reduce the overall carbon footprint of travel.


Travel ID is committed to promote sustainable tourism practices and reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities.

One of the ways we achieve this is through carefully selecting accommodations that align with our sustainability values and policies.

We understand that accommodations play a significant role in the travel industry and can have a substantial impact on the environment and local communities, therefore we seek to work with accommodations that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and have implemented responsible tourism practices.

Therefore, we develop and implement a long-term strategy with targets and timelines to improve the sustainability of our contracted accommodations.

We communicate our policy to contracted accommodation suppliers.

We prefer accommodations that work with internationally acknowledged Travelife or other certifications.

We include basic/standard clauses in all contracts with accommodation providers regarding e.g., child labour, anti-corruption and bribery, waste management and protection of biodiversity).

We share best practice standards (e.g. Travelife) and other guidance towards more sustainable management to the bestselling accommodations.

Accommodations are urged to self-evaluate their company on a regular basis and

share this information with the tour operator (e.g., through the Travelife Sustainability system for hotels or other acknowledged programs).

We support collaborative initiatives with other tour operators and/or stakeholders to promote sustainability among accommodations in destinations.

We urge accommodations to offer locally and/or sustainably produced souvenirs that are based on the area’s history and culture.

We prefer accommodations and restaurants that incorporate elements of local art, architecture, or cultural heritage, while respecting the intellectual property rights of local communities (considering price, comfort, and other selection criteria)

Travel ID Includes clauses in its accommodation contracts that enable the tour operator to end the contractual agreement prematurely if the accommodation supplier does not take adequate measures to prevent sexual exploitation of children.

We stimulate accommodations to purchase and use local food products which

Are produced based on fair-trade and sustainability principles.

Activities & Excursions

All excursions and activities organized by or on behalf of Travel ID are designed to respect local customs, cultural integrity, and natural resources while adhering to ethical standards.

We are committed to avoid any excursions that cause harm to humans, wildlife, or the environment, including natural resources like water and energy.

Preference is given activities that are certified and/or support environmental protection, animal welfare, and local community development.

The company has established clear guidelines and Codes of Conduct for ecologically and culturally sensitive excursions provided by the company or its affiliates.

These documents are communicated to guests, as well as distributed and enforced by excursion providers and Guides.

For excursion providers we consider the following issues:
  • They should be locally owned and based in the community.
  • Providers with internationally recognized sustainability certification(s) are preferred.
  • They should provide a fair working environment for their employees (including licensed tour guides).
  • They should ensure that children’s rights are respected and persons under the age of 14 are not employed without special contracts in place.
  • They should limit their negative effects on local and global biodiversity.
  • They should give preference to local guides that are appropriately trained and qualified, especially in culturally sensitive sites, heritage sites, and ecologically sensitive destinations.

Tour leaders, local representatives and guides

Travel ID is hiring professional trained and educated local guides, drivers, porters, or other staff from the community, while ensuring that they receive fair wages and work in a safe and equitable environment.

We hold our suppliers to the same standard when they employ local staff on our behalf.

We recognize that tour guides play a vital role in bridging the gap between our guests and the social, cultural, and environmental aspects of the destination, therefore we are very careful in our selection of these partners.
We are hiring Formally and according to state legislation. Obligations and benefits are clearly stated in formal agreements.

By hiring locally, we reduce the carbon footprint, due to fewer transports providing environmental benefits.

We verify that tour leaders and local representatives, contracted by the company, are working in accordance with all relevant legal requirements such as licensing requirements.

Guides are informed about appropriate behaviors towards customers (the company will investigate any claims or suspicions of inappropriate behavior, and implement a
disciplinary procedure when required).


We prioritize compliance with labor standards, endangered species protection, and human rights, and monitor destination management plans to ensure alignment with sustainable tourism initiatives.

Our Product Manager and member of the sustainability team of the company collect and analyze relevant international, national, and local information, which is then summarized and shared in staff communications and training materials.

Customer Communication and Protection

Our company is dedicated to providing positive customer experiences, and we have
established strict policies regarding health and safety, marketing, and excursions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our policies cover various topics, including (except from health and
safety protocols), emergency procedures, privacy guidelines, group size limitations,
greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting, transportation guidelines, combating sexual exploitation of children in tourism, customer satisfaction, and handling of complaints.

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