About Us

About Us

Our vision

Our belief is that travelling transforms people through the experiences it creates in its particular context, there fore, Travel ID is dedicated to offer exclusive, highly personalized travel experiences endowed with the special meaning that are planned for.

Meet your expectations in

» City breaks with a cultural focus
» Body and soul experiences with elegance and opulence in luxurious hotels
» Wedding and Honeymoon in exceptional settings
» Culinary tours experiencing the local living and tasting
» Cruises and Yachting in Greek seas
» Active and Adventure Tours

About Us
About Us

DMC services by

» Accommodation & reservation handling
» Purchasing and Product development
» Yield management
» Content Management
» Groups and Incentives
» Meet and Greet Services
» Transfers
» Excursions & Organized Tours
» Car/Bike Hire Services

Our products

With hand-picked luxury hotels Travel ID comes second to none in the quality of services it provides.

Therefore our goal is to become a leading luxury travel company, providing an incomparably high level of service and destination knowledge, with all the attention to detail you’ll come to expect.
The insights and information Travel ID offers, help you discover the essence of the destination you choose, making it easy and fun to meet your expectations for a holiday that will be memorable and unique.

Sustainable Tourism

As a travel company, the planet is our product. Its social and environmental welfare is fundamentally important to us – not just as a business, but as human beings, too. When we say “We Love Changing People’s Lives,” we’re not just talking about our travelers. We’re talking about everybody. Travel Id is a social enterprise, which means the social value of what we do is just as important to us as the profit it earns.

Sustainability policy:
-We constantly emphasize improvements in operations and services, aiming to reduce harmful impact on the environment, including reduction of pollution by reducing the waste of assets, e.g. by reusing and recycling, along with saving energy and utilizing environmentally friendly materials

-We give preference to goods and services produced locally which do not adversely affect the organization’s operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts,

-We employ people living in the local area

-We continuously seek further education in environmental matters and disseminate such information to their colleagues

-We inform customers of the Association’s environmental policy and encourage protection of the environment

-We work toward the distribution of tourists through time and space when organizing trips and if suitable make this policy available on request to all interested parties and encourage them to participate in our efforts to protect the environment

-We endeavor to fulfil the provisions of laws and regulations to which the company subscribes