Vital & Active Healing

You are here to understand the truth in the saying of the ancients Greeks: A healthy mind is a healthy body.

The ancient Greeks knew very well the importance of the balance between mind and body, and they knew how to utilize the country’s bountiful natural resources to further Health and Happiness. Among these, were the hot and mineral springs whose healing waters still soothe chronic complaints at no less than 850 spots scattered throughout Greece.

The natural setting near the sea works its wonders, too.

In Greece, well-being has a long history. From antiquity to today, numerous thermal springs in the country have alleviated ailments, revitalising the body and the mind, stimulating and relaxing the body and soul. In the ultra-comfortable facilities of the wellness resorts and high-end spa hotels, you’ll luxuriate in therapies in exquisite scenery; you’ll experience a holistic revival by joining in activities and you’ll discover the ingredients of a long and carefree life: serenity, tranquility, balance and the justly famous Greek diet of pure, health-giving products.

Now also new treatments are possible like Qi-Gong or Acupuncture.

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