Organized trips from Heraklion

From the historic city of Heraklion, our travel agency offers organized trips for every traveler.

Our mission is to create trips that will not only help you discover the historical and natural beauty of Crete, but also strengthen a deeper connection with the destinations we visit. Itineraries are tailored to include a wide range of attractions, from the island’s wild landscapes to Greece’s iconic monuments, as well as international destinations.


Exploring the rich history of Heraklion

Heraklion’s historical past, dating back to the Minoan civilization, offers a range of historical sites that are an integral part of our organized tours.

As the largest city in Crete, Heraklion is not only a bustling hub of modern life, but also a treasure trove of antiquity, inviting those with a passion for ancient civilization to explore its rich history.

Our guided tours of Crete are carefully curated to provide a comprehensive understanding of this ancient destination, allowing visitors to take a step back in time.


Organized trips from Heraklion


Discovering the natural beauty of Crete

Beyond the urban charm of Heraklion, our package tours reveal the raw, natural beauty of Crete, from the steep mountain ranges to the idyllic beaches.

As Crete’s leading travel agency, at Travel id we pride ourselves on showcasing the island’s lush green valleys, olive groves and serene Mediterranean waters. Our tours to the Greek islands are carefully curated for those seeking to explore Greece through the meaningful travel experiences we offer.

Each itinerary is carefully crafted, ensuring that each traveller is satisfied with the places they visit, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and cultural exchange. From the majestic Samaria Gorge to the mystical caves of Matala, our travel packages offer an escape into nature.


Organized trips from Heraklion


Guided tour of emblematic Greek sites

At Travel id we offer travelers a unique opportunity to visit the most famous historical monuments of Greece, such as the Acropolis of Athens, the Palace of Knossos and the archaeological site of Delphi. This trip acts as a bridge that connects you to the grandeur of ancient civilizations, allowing you to immerse yourself in the timeless heritage that has shaped the world.

We recognise the profound impact of facilitating such an enriching experience for those with a passion for history and culture.

Each attraction on our tour has been carefully selected to offer a comprehensive understanding of Greek history and its global significance. Join us to honor and share the heritage of Greece’s iconic landmarks.


Organized trips from Heraklion


Adventure and Activities in Crete

Adventure and activities in Crete offer an exciting complement to historical exploration, with options ranging from hiking in the Samaria Gorge to visiting an aquarium.

Embrace the wild beauty of Crete’s landscapes by hiking with a guide in the Imvros Gorge. Adventure lovers can join diving excursions discovering the underwater wonders of the Mediterranean.

In addition, our programmes include immersive cultural experiences such as traditional Cretan cooking workshops and olive harvesting activities that support local artisans and farmers. By participating in these activities, travelers provide essential assistance to the communities that preserve Crete’s heritage and natural environment.


Travel to the Greek islands from Heraklion

From Heraklion, the adventure continues as travellers can embark on island excursions to discover the diverse beauty of the Aegean. Our package tours are designed for those who seek to enjoy the joy of discovery.

With our guidance, you can traverse the crystal clear waters to reach the serene shores of nearby islands, each with its own unique mosaic of history, culture and natural splendour.

Enriched journeys await you, as our itineraries to the islands are designed to offer a complete experience to suit your tastes. We ensure that every destination we visit makes a positive contribution to local communities, fostering an atmosphere of responsible tourism and mutual respect.

Our team has established relationships with local stakeholders, ensuring that your trip not only broadens your horizons, but also supports the livelihoods of those who make these islands their home.


Organized trips from Heraklion


Cultural immersion experiences

Embracing the essence of cultural immersion, our trips offer deep connections with local traditions, fostering a deep understanding of the heritage and lifestyle of the destinations.

Through authentic interactions, visitors are encouraged to participate in local customs and daily activities, from learning traditional dances to helping prepare local dishes. Such participation not only enriches the traveller’s perspective, but also supports the preservation of cultural practices and the promotion of local livelihoods.

Cultural immersion programmes include educational workshops and volunteering opportunities that allow travellers to contribute to projects with a meaningful impact.

We believe in the power of travel to foster mutual understanding and respect. Thus, we facilitate experiences that are not only memorable, but also embody a spirit of service and cross-cultural appreciation.


Uncovering hidden Cretan diamonds

Our package tours from Heraklion offer exclusive access to the lesser-known sites of Crete, providing travellers with a unique glimpse into the hidden treasures of the island.

These tours are designed to reveal the authentic character of Crete, far off the beaten track of mass tourism. By travelling with us, you not only explore the island’s secret corners, but also contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of local communities.

Travel to picturesque villages where the slow pace of life and traditional customs are preserved. Chat with the locals, whose warmth and stories add a rich layer to your travel experience.

Visit ancient monuments away from the usual tourist radar, allowing for a serene and contemplative exploration of Crete’s historic past.


Gastronomic trips to Greece

We also offer gastronomic trips as part of our package tours, inviting travelers to indulge in the rich variety of Greek cuisine, while exploring its historical origins and local traditions.

Each meal is an opportunity for our guests to serve and share, reflecting the deep-rooted Greek ethos of hospitality.

Visitors have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes by local chefs, visit traditional olive groves and participate in wine tastings in remarkable vineyards.

These activities are designed not only to delight the palate, but also to impart knowledge about sustainable practices and the importance of local ingredients.


Family trips to Crete

Often, families looking for an unforgettable stress-free holiday find our organised excursions to Crete to be the perfect example of fun and relaxation. Understanding that parents want their children to have fun while enjoying the trip themselves, we dedicate ourselves to creating excursions that meet the interests and needs of all ages.

Each family tour is designed to engage young children with interactive experiences that illuminate the rich history and vibrant culture of Crete. From exploring the ancient monuments of Knossos to participating in a traditional pottery workshop, our activities aim to inspire and educate in an environment that is safe and fun for them.

In addition, we prioritise comfort and convenience for the whole family, ensuring that transport and facilities meet the highest standards of quality and accessibility. Our experienced guides are not only experts in their field, but are also skilled at creating a warm atmosphere, making every family feel unique.

Romantic getaways in Greece

After family trips, our package tours from Heraklion extend to romantic getaways in Greece, offering couples the opportunity to create unforgettable memories in some of the most picturesque places the country has to offer. Known for its idyllic landscapes and rich history, Greece offers an unparalleled backdrop for love and companionship.

Our trips are designed to satisfy the desire for personal experiences, beauty and cultural enrichment. Each itinerary is carefully curated to include destinations that inspire romance, such as the breathtaking caldera views of Santorini, the charming streets of Mykonos or the historic charm of Athens under the stars.

We ensure that every aspect of the trip serves the purpose of bringing people closer together, from choosing comfortable boutique hotels to arranging private tours of ancient monuments.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive travel packages that cover accommodation, private transportation and exclusive experiences, allowing you to focus on each other without the worries of trip planning.


Organized trips from Heraklion


International destinations from Heraklion

Beyond romantic getaways within Greece, our Heraklion-based travel service also extends its offerings to international destinations, providing travelers with the opportunity to explore cultures and experiences around the world.

Each destination is chosen for its unique offerings, allowing our clients to immerse themselves in new environments, from the bustling streets of cosmopolitan cities to the serene landscapes of hidden corners of the world.

Our international packages are comprehensive, ensuring that from the moment you depart Heraklion until your return, every detail will be handled with professionalism and care. We strive to make international travel as accessible and enjoyable as possible, allowing you to focus on the joy of discovery and the satisfaction that comes from serving your own spirit of adventure.

Embark on a journey that not only broadens horizons but also supports the essence of responsible and sustainable tourism.


Stress-free travel planning

Our specialized travel services offer a comprehensive solution to ensure stress-free travel planning for every client. Recognizing that the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination, our team is dedicated to creating experiences that meet travelers’ wants and needs.

We meticulously organize every aspect of the trip, from transportation and accommodations to guided tours and dining options, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the joys of discovery without the burden of planning.

Understanding that time is precious, we optimize the design process with expert precision. Our itineraries are not only personalized according to individual preferences, but also structured to maximize the value of every moment you spend exploring. By entrusting us with the details, travelers are free to focus on the enrichment and relaxation that comes with our journeys.

What’s more, our commitment to service extends beyond the route. We provide ongoing support throughout the journey, ensuring that any unforeseen issues are dealt with promptly and with the utmost attention.


Customizable travel packages

Our service is known for its flexibility and ability to accommodate each client’s unique travel ambitions. We understand that the essence of a memorable trip is one that has a personal resonance for the traveler. Therefore, our customizable travel packages allow our clients to tailor their trip to fit their specific interests and desires.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation on the beach or the rich tapestry of cultural exploration, our travel experts work diligently to tailor an itinerary that aligns with these individual preferences. Our commitment is to facilitate a travel experience that is not only satisfying but also illuminates the beauty and wonder of the destinations you visit.

In conclusion, package tours from Heraklion offer a complete exploration of cultural and natural treasures. These trips seamlessly integrate historical insights, natural wonders and iconic landmarks into unforgettable travel experiences.

Prioritizing convenience and customized itineraries, these tours cater to every type of traveler. They also contribute positively to the preservation of cultural heritage and the environment.