Activities in Ionian Islands


If you are looking for what to do in Greece, you can definitely add the Ionian Islands to your list!

Located west of Greece, the Ionian Islands are known for having a milder climate and lush green landscapes. You will also find sublime coves and crystal clear water beaches. There, you will find some of the best sights of Greece!

The city of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Throughout its history, Corfu has been occupied by the Venetians, the French and the British. The result is a very interesting mixture of architectural styles, making the city quite unique! You have to take a walk to the Liston, a pedestrian esplanade with many arcades. You can also discover the Achilleion, a palace built for Empress Sissi of Austria.

You will also find beautiful creeks all over the island. Why don’t you try the famous Glyfada beach, or the west coast creeks near Paleokastritasa?


Cephalonia is an Island with a beautiful scenery and authentic small villages.

There, you must-see: Argostoli, the capital; the Assos Castle; Fiskardo and its Venetian houses; the Lake Cavern of Melissani and Myrtos Bay, a cove dominated by high cliffs.


Lefkada, you will find amazing beaches along its west coast.


Zante, home of the first marine National Park in Greece. The protected Caretta-Caretta species of sea turtles come here to nest.


Ithaca famous for being Ulysses homeland in Homer’s literature masterpiece “The Odyssey”. You won’t find any large beaches here, only small coves that are sometimes only accessible by boat.


Paxos (or Paxi), the main attraction here is the Agios Nikolaos, a historical monument said to be designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. You can also visit, by boat, several sea caves.


Cythera, according to Greek mythology, the goddess of Love Aphrodite was born on this island. If you want to enjoy some quiet time on an authentic island, with no large hotels or beach clubs, you should definitely go there!