Activities in Aegean


All those heavenly blues and piercing whites and golden beaches begging you to spend the whole day on them. It’s as if summer was made for the Aegean islands. You’ll know about the stars… luxurious Santorini, stylish Mykonos and abundant Naxos in the Cyclades; and soul-soothing Kos and vibrant Rhodes in the Dodecanese. But you’ll also love discovering the likes of Serifos, Sifnos and Milos or perhaps Karpathos, Symi and Astypalea as well as others where the feeling of summer goes on and on.

Boat trips, walking tours, hiking and culture trips, delicious local products and recipes … and lots and lots of beach-time doing exactly what you’ve been waiting for. All with the generous welcome of locals there to take care of your every need, just the way you deserve. After all, these are the islands like no other!

Amorgos, the island where the movie “The Big Blue” was filmed. It’s also a great destination for hiking lovers!

The best things to do in Amorgos are:

  1. Chora, Amorgos’ capital, a very beautiful village, with several cafés and typical restaurants. Enjoy your stroll, and walk up to the ancient windmills located above the village.
  2. Katapola and Aegiali: the island’s 2 ports, with a few shops and restaurants.
  3. The spectacular Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, built under a high cliff and overlooking the sea.
  4. Agia Anna cove, a very small rocky beach. The area is very photogenic thanks to the small white chapel nearby.
  5. Mouros Beach, sheltered from the wind.
  6. Kalotaritissia, the most beautiful beach in Amorgos! You will love its fine sand and turquoise waters.
  7. The ship wreck of “The Big Blue” movie. As you may know, a part of this movie with Jean Reno was filmed in Amorgos.


Andros, authentic and peaceful, protected from mass tourism, the second largest island in the Cyclades is also the most fertile and greenest thanks to its many springs and streams. It’s a real paradise for hikers.

Here are the 6 Must-See attractions in Andros:

  1. Gavrio, the port where you will arrive, with restaurants and boutiques.
  2. Batsi, a cute seaside resort and a nice beach.
  3. Andros, the capital city: just take a stroll in the main street, down to the bridge and the small island.
  4. Apikia, the starting point of many hikes.
  5. Felos beach, a large and pretty shingle beach located in a bay
  6. The many sand beaches on the road between Gavrio and Batsi: Agios Petros, Chrissi Amnos, Kipri.


Delos, a small uninhabited island, famous for its ancient archaeological site. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was considered as Apollo’s and Artemis’ birthplace

Here are the best places to see when you visit Delos, in the Cyclades:

  1. The temple of the Delians: the biggest temple dedicated to Apollo
  2. The Terrace of the Lions, and its alignment of Lion’s statues along an alley
  3. The Sacred Lake, where Apollo is said to be born
  4. The Sanctuary of Apollo
  5. The Sanctuary of Dionysus
  6. The temple of the Athenians
  7. The House of Dionysus
  8. The House of Masks
  9. The House of the Dolphins
  10. The Archaeological Museum


Folegandros, where you will discover one of the most beautiful villages of the Cyclades. Hora is a typical Cycladic village, with white and blue houses and lively squares. Don’t forget to go to the church above the village to enjoy a beautiful panorama of the island.

There are also many beaches in Folegandros, but the most beautiful ones are only accessible by foot or by boat. If you want to discover them, you can do a 1-day boat trip around the island with many stops to take a dip!


Ios, can be considered as Mykonos’ little sister. If you want to enjoy an incredible atmosphere and party all night long, it’s clearly a great place to visit.

On Ios, your program will be quite simple: during the day, just relax at the beach and get some rest. Then, when the night comes, party until sunrise in the island’s many trendy bars! Most people coming to Ios are rather young and from Northern Europe.

In Ios, you will enjoy the best nightlife in summer, between June and September.

And if you want to take a dip, there are many beautiful beaches on the island. For example, you can try Mylopotas Beach, Kalamos Beach or Manganari Beach.


Milos, famous for its coastline: the strange rock formations and high cliffs plunging down to the sea are really breathtaking!

You may not know it, but Milos offers the largest number of beaches in all the Cyclades.

The best places to visit in Milos, in the Cyclades, are:

  1. Adamas, Milos’ main port, with numerous restaurants and hotels.
  2. Plaka, the best place to admire the sunset in Milos, and the starting point of beautiful hikes.
  3. Klima and its lovely colored fishermen’s houses, directly carved into the cliff.
  4. Tripiti and its view over the gulf.
  5. The Roman Theatre: there, a farmer discovered the famous “Venus de Milo”, exposed at the Louvre, in Paris.


Mykonos is the perfect island to party in the Cyclades. With more than 1 million tourists every year, it is, along with Santorini, the other most visited Cyclades island. Mykonos is also famous for its beaches, considered as some of Greece’s most beautiful. Once more, you won’t find any small cove to take a dip and stay alone. In Mykonos, going to the beach means enjoying hip techno bars and jet-setters on their yachts!

If you’re looking for this kind of party atmosphere, you should go to the beaches of Elia, Paradise, Super Paradise or Psarou.

If you want to go on a trip with your friends in the Cylades, Mykonos is the best destination for you.


Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades. The beaches here are wonderful!

Here are the best things to do in Naxos:

  1. Chora of Naxos, the island’s main city. Walk in the Kastro district, discover the Old Market alleys and admire the Portara (at the port entrance).
  2. Filoti, a picturesque mountain village.
  3. Halki, another mountain village. From there, you can walk on many marked trails. Don’t miss the church, accessible by a 10-minute walk through the olive trees! (just follow the signs).
  4. Apiranthos, another pretty mountain village. Take a stroll in its alleys, and enjoy its small museums.
  5. The Kouros of Apollonas, a 10-meter high statue of Dionysus or Apollo.
  6. The hike to reach the summit of Mount Zeus, the highest point of Naxos.


Paros and Antiparos, located in the heart of the Cyclades, Paros is known for its many sand beaches, beautiful nature landscape and typical villages. In Ancient times, Paros was also renowned for its high-quality marble, used for many masterpieces, such as the “Venus de Milo”.

The best places of interest to visit in Paros are:

  1. Parikia, the capital. Don’t miss its churches and the Kastro.
  2. Naoussa, a fishing village with chic small shops and restaurants.
  3. Lefkes: a remote mountain village, famous for its magnificent view over the sea. From the village, take a stroll on the 3km-long Byzantine trail that goes from Lefkes to Podromos, through the olive trees.
  4. The port of Piso Livadi, where you can eat great fresh grilled fish.
  5. Paros Park, walk along the 3 marked trails, and discover the nice view of the coast and the lighthouse. There, you can also enjoy a really beautiful beach with shallow water.

From Paros, it’s really easy to reach Antiparos, the small island located right in front. The ferry takes only 10 minutes to go from Pounta town to Antiparos, and you can even cross with your rental car. In summer, you can also reach Antiparos from Parikia (without your car this time!)

In Antiparos, there aren’t many things to do: just relax, enjoy the beaches and take a stroll in the main village. You can also visit the Cave of Antiparos, and admire Europe’s most ancient stalagmite.


Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, famous for its long sand beaches and wooden valleys. When visiting Rhodes, there are 2 things you must see: The old town of Rhodes, with its castle and fortifications and the lovely village of  Lindos. Don’t forget to climb up to Lindos Acropolis, where you’ll have an amazing view over the bay!

Here are the 10 Must-See attractions in Rhodes:

  1. Rhodes’ medieval city, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest and best preserved fortified city in Europe!
  2. Mandraki, the modern city
  3. Lindos, one of Rhodes’ most beautiful villages, and clearly one of the best places see on the island
  4. Rhodes best beaches, Faliraki, Tsambika, Anthony Quinn, Saint Paul's Afandou, Prasonisi, Gennadi, Kiotari, Pefki, Agathi, Vlicha (or Vlycha), Glystra.
  5. Rhodes castles, Kritinia Castle, Monolithos Castle, Feraklos Castle, Archangelos' Castle, Akslipio Castle
  6. Ancient site of Kamiros
  7. The Valley of the Butterflies, where you can observe hundreds of butterflies literally covering all the trees, as the valley’s climate and environment is perfect for their reproduction.
  8. Kallithea Springs
  9. Tsambika Monastery, a really small Byzantine church built on top of the mountain.
  10. Seven Springs (Epta Piges), 7 springs are gushing from the mountain in the same place to create a river.


Santorini! If you’re planing a trip to Greek Islands, then you definitely have to visit Santorini, by far the most famous and visited island in the Cyclades archipelago.

The best things to do in Santorini are:

  1. Fira: you can go to the top of the caldera and enjoy the many viewpoints over Santorini. From Fira, walk for 30 minutes to reach Firostefani and Imerovigli villages. And if you want to enjoy the shops, restaurants and cafés, you can go to Golden Street.
  2. Imerovigli: often nicknamed the balcony of Santorini, this village is located at the top of the caldera, 300 meters above the sea.
  3. Oia: it’s clearly the best place to admire the sunset. When walking in Oia’s alleys, you will take beautiful typical pictures of Santorini!
  4. Black Beach: a volcanic black sand beach
  5. Red Beach, named after the ochre cliffs surrounding it
  6. Nea Kamini: you can do a boat-trip around this volcano, and swim in the hot springs
  7. The archaeological site of Akrotiri, one of the most important in Greece.


Serifos, if you’re looking for peace and quiet during your holidays in the Cyclades, then, you should definitely go to Serifos.

Serifos isn’t really a tourist place. There, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the island’s mountains and arid hills.

During your stay in Serifos, you can visit:

  1. The port of Livadi
  2. The beautiful Livadakia Beach
  3. Hora, the capital
  4. Moni Taxiarchon Monastery
  5. Panagia village and enjoy its views over the plains
  6. The beaches of Karavi, Avlomonas, Lia, Agios Sostis and Psili Amnos


Sifnos, mostly renowned for its ceramics and fine cuisine. The food there is known to be among the best in the Cyclades!

The island is also famous for being an hiker’s paradise. One of the best hikes on the island goes from Apollonia to Mount Profitis Ilias. Another great itinerary goes from Artemonas to the Panagia Poulati Monastery and the village of Kastro

The best things to do and see in Sifnos are:

  1. Kamares, the ferries’ port of arrival. If you’re on a family trip, you will love its beautiful beach with shallow water, it’s ideal with children.
  2. Apollonia, the capital city, is a real labyrinth of alleys full of small shops, restaurants and cafés.
  3. Artemonas, one of the most beautiful villages in Sifnos with its typical Venetian houses.
  4. Kastro, a medieval village.
  5. Faros, a small fishing port. From there, you can walk to the Chrisopigi Monastery.
  6. Plati Gialos Beach, the longest sand beach in all the Cyclades archipelago!


Syros, the administrative centre, the capital and most populated island of the Cyclades, even if it is one of the smallest one!

When walking down Ermoupoli, Syros’ main city, you will discover a few neoclassical buildings including the city hall, located around Miaouli Square. Don’t miss the Municipal Theatre “Apollo”: it looks like a small replica of “La Scala”, in Milan!

Then, take a stroll in Vaporia district, located on the Eastern side of Ermoupoli. There, you will admire many beautiful neoclassical mansions.

The other best things to see in Syros includes:

  1. The village of Ano Syros, and its numerous viewpoints, churches and monasteries.
  2. Azolimnos Beach, located close to Ermoupoli.
  3. Galissas: from there, you can walk to the top of the hill, and enjoy a great panoramic view over the village.
  4. Finikas Beach, a sand beach with many tourists!
  5. The beaches of Kini, Delfini, Aetos and Lia.


Tinos, one of the major pilgrimage site for Orthodox Greeks. Every year, thousands of people are coming there to pray at Panagia Megalochari or Evangelistria churches.

Even if you’re not much into religion, there are many beautiful places to see on Tinos. Here are some of the best places to visit on this Cyclades island:

  1. Hora, the capital city. Its church, built with Tinos white marble, is truly beautiful. You can also enjoy many boutiques and restaurants.
  2. The monastery of Kechrovouni, organized like a small village, with several houses.
  3. Volax: a small village, surrounded by large round grey rocks.
  4. Kardiani: the village and the road to get there offers many beautiful views over the bay and the beaches below.
  5. Pyrgos, Tinos’ largest village, renowned for its marble.
  6. Panormos, a really cute port, with many restaurants on the seaside.
  7. Tarambados, and its famous pigeon towers.
  8. Kolimbithra with its 2 nice sand beaches.